1. Who owns the Highline Bears?

The Highline Bears are owned by Doubles and Bombs Baseball Group, Inc.

  1. When were the Highline Bears founded?

The Highline Bears were founded in September of 2014 by Justin Moser, Russ Pritchard, Todd Coughlin, Greg Lillehaug and John Thomson. All the members of the group have strong ties to the community and local baseball. 

  1. How old are the players on the Highline Bears?

Players on the Highline Bears are incoming or current college students. All the players have current NCAA eligibility. 

  1. Where are players from?

Players are from colleges located all over the US. The Bears have been a summer home for players who hail from all over the country and the world, ranging from Arizona, California and as far away as Brisbane Australia. 

  1. How are players selected?

Players are recruited by the manager, coaching staff and general managers from August through the end of April. The Bears staff works with college coaches to find the best players for the team. 

  1. How long do players play for the Bears?

Players are signed to a one season contract for the Bears. Once the player has completed their spring college season they are then available to play for the Bears. The Bears will also sign local players to 10 day contracts to fill voids in the roster while waiting for some players to finish their spring college season and college classes. 

  1. Do the player get paid?

All players on the Bears do not receive any type of compensation so they can maintain their eligibility. All players pay a player fee to help cover their expenses throughout the summer.

  1. Where do the players stay during the summer?

Currently most players live locally. However the Bears are always looking for host families to provide players a place to stay during the summer. Host families are the back bone of many armature sports programs. 

  1. How can we be a host family for a player?

If you are interested in becoming a host family please see our host family page for more information and host family application. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. 

  1. How long is the Highline Bears Season?

The summer collegiate baseball season varies for every league. The Highline Bears season runs from the first week of June through the second weekend in August.

  1. How many games do the Highline Bears play?

The Bears play up to 60 games per summer, with 20-25 home games. They travel all around the pacific northwest including all of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, Canada. 

  1. Where do the Highline Bears play home games?

The Bears play their home games at Mel Olson Stadium inside of Steve Cox Memorial Park, located in the West Seattle suburb of White Center, Wa. 

  1. What community activities do the Highline Bears take part in?

Community outreach is a very important part of the Highline Bears and what they do. The Bears are members of local chamber of commerce organizations and rotary clubs taking an active role in the community year round. During the season players volunteer at local schools, daycares, food banks and community events. The Bears can often be seen at the White Center Jubilee Days and West Seattle Summer Days festivals, along with the Burien Farmers market and in the fourth of July parade. 

  1. Do the Bears work with non-profit organizations?

The Bears work with non-profit organizations every home game offering donated tickets, ticket fundraisers and a 50/50 raffle for qualifying groups. 

  1. How can I volunteer for the Highline Bears?

The Bears are always looking for volunteers to help with game day activates. Whether it's taking tickets, helping with gate security or in the concession stand we are always looking for help.If you are interested in helping please contact us at [email protected].