park rules

Mel Olson Stadium Park Rules

We look forward to seeing you at Mel Olson Stadium! Mel Olson Stadium inside of Steve Cox Memorial Park is a King County Park and all King County Park rules along with Highline Bears policies will be enforced. Please take time to review the below important fan information.

  1. This is a drug and tobacco free facility, including e-cigarettes and marijuana products.
  2. Outside food and beverages (including bottled water and personal drink bottles/containers of any kind) are not permitted inside the ballpark. Empty water bottles are permitted.
  3. Unshelled nuts such as peanuts and sunflower seeds are not permitted inside the stadium.
  4. Re-entry requires a valid ticket or re-entry stamp.
  5. Please do not leave young children unattended.
  6. Weapons of any kind are not permitted in the ballpark.
  7. Bags, backpacks, and similar items are subject to reasonable search before they are allowed into the ballpark.
  8. Guests may not bring alcoholic beverages or controlled substances of any kind into the ballpark.
  9. Fireworks, horns, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, laser pointers, ice chests, beverage or food containers and coolers of any kind are not permitted inside the ballpark.
  10. We love our pets, but please leave them comfortably at home. Except for certified service dogs, pets/animals are not allowed in the ballpark.
  11. The Highline Bears are committed to providing guests at Mel Olson Stadium with an enjoyable, safe and family-friendly environment.  Disorderly conduct of any kind (including, but not limited to, inappropriate language, gestures and behavior, inappropriate displays of affection in a public setting, and any disruption of the game or disruption that impacts other fans' ability to enjoy the game) will not be permitted anywhere in the ballpark.  Guests may be asked to leave the ballpark without warning at the discretion of the ownership, management, King Count Parks Staff and Highline Bears Staff.
  12. Please inform a Bears staff member if you need assistance in arranging a ride home from the ballpark.

*The Highline Bears reserve the right to amend ballpark guidelines and policies for Bears games at any time. *