buntly the bear

Meet Buntly the Bear

Who is Buntly?

Buntly is our beloved mascot of the Highline Bear. Buntly loves to meet new people at the ballpark, eat yummy snacks from the concession stand, make fun of umpires, and run across the field with all of his new friends after a game.

Why is he called the "Buntly?"

In 2015 the Highline Bears had a competition for naming our bear mascot. With lots of submissions we picked 4 finalists and then fans voted on the name, Buntly. 

What's Buntly's favorite food?

Buntly loves all foods! He enjoys everything found in the concession stand at Mel Olson Stadium, but Recess Pices is his favorite treat.

How old is Buntly?

Buntly was just a young bear when he joined us in 2015, and in the summer of 2018 he will celebrate his tenth birthday.  Buntly has grown a lot over the past three seasons, but he is still a young baseball bear that loves summer nights at the park with new and old bear fans.

Does Buntly play baseball?

Buntly just loves to play baseball, no matter what position.  However, ownership continues to tell him he cannot play on the team. If he had to pick, he'd like to play in the DH position, because he loves to hit doubles and bombs.

How can we get Buntly to our event?

Buntly loves attending fun runs, little league games and birthday parties! Please feel free to contact the Bears' front office to talk to us in more detail about the event at which you would like Buntly to make an appearance! Please email us at [email protected] for more information.